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wed-jschool Wednesday 1:30-2:45pm ET What I Wish I’d Learned in J-School Journalism education and curriculum remains focused on the skills needed to enter the industry, rather than how to improve journalism. Despite perennial debate about whether J-School is even necessary, formal education remains an important entry point for aspiring journalists who don't benefit from traditional power structures. So how do we make education better? What should journalism schools be teaching now about objectivity, leadership, stereotypes? Can school prepare new journalists to be resilient and effective advocates for change? What can only be learned outside the classroom? This session is jointly led by student journalists and educators who will later take ideas from this session to leaders of academic programs and current students. Share how your own education prepared or failed you, and imagine a new curriculum for a more diverse and ethical industry. Lisa Waananen Jones, Angelica Relente, Daisy Zavala       75 minutes       wed-130pm y 2020-07-15T13:30:00 2020-07-15T14:45:00 America/New_York srccon-2020/wed-jschool
wed-covid-data Wednesday 1:30-2:45pm ET Covid-19 Data Collection: Roadmapping the Next Big Scramble Now Newsrooms big and small scrambled this past spring to set up Covid-19 data acquisition efforts, covering widely different scopes and approaches. We have a lot of (perhaps necessary?) duplicated efforts to figure out. But we also have a lot to share about our rigs, workflows and data-review tactics, as well as how we collaborate with our reporters & staff on the beat. NYT's news-nerds are happy to share a many details about our efforts around data collection, open-source data, internal apps and roles/responsibilities. We'd love to hear what others have done, too. And we'd like to work on a common roadmap for how we do better next time, like cross-newsroom collaborations and portable project scoping. Tiff Fehr, Miles Watkins       75 minutes       wed-130pm   2020-07-15T13:30:00 2020-07-15T14:45:00 America/New_York srccon-2020/wed-covid-data
wed-trust-newsletters Wednesday 1:30-2:45pm ET Building local community trust through newsletters How can newsletters be used to (re-)build trust in news by local communities and strengthen democratic community engagement? In this session, I would like to discuss the role of newsletters as anchors in new local media, as print subscriptions are dwindling and local papers folding. As a starting point, editorial newsletters written by authentic, trusted voices, can help us reconnect with local communities on a weekly, daily or monthly basis. Used as an engagement tool, it can make local media more interactive and community-driven, by giving readers a platform to discuss local issues. This in turn can strengthen democratic engagement on the neighborhood level and help make communities more resilient and informed. Judith Langowski, Mandy Hofmockel       75 minutes       wed-130pm   2020-07-15T13:30:00 2020-07-15T14:45:00 America/New_York srccon-2020/wed-trust-newsletters
wed-grassroots-diversity Wednesday 1:30-2:45pm ET Turning a moment into a movement: How to sustain grassroots diversity efforts in your company Attempts to increase representation in news organizations often come from the bottom-up. Sometimes it can be an individual, sometimes it can be several people. That’s how things happened where we work. Scattered efforts led to mixed degrees of success. But coalescing these efforts into a more formal grassroots team has been a game-changer. Our group — the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) team — started with just a few employees. Since summer 2018, it has grown to include volunteers from most departments, representatives from HR and recruiting, and support from the company founders. With this session we’ll share lessons from our experience, but primarily hear from others what has worked well and what hasn’t. Our goal is for participants to leave this session energized with actionable ideas and plans to increase diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity within their own organizations. If they want to, we hope this will give them the foundation to launch their own DIB initiative or take their current DIB efforts to the next level. We will also compile everyone’s lessons into a short guide that can be shared widely. Bo Morin, Greg Linch       75 minutes       wed-130pm   2020-07-15T13:30:00 2020-07-15T14:45:00 America/New_York srccon-2020/wed-grassroots-diversity

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