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thu-project-products-research Thursday 4-5:15pm ET Projects, Products, & Research I + Election SOS office hours Office hours: Engagement-driven, trust-building coverage with Election SOS -> --- Our Projects, Products, & Research track is here to connect you with tools and ideas to plug into your work _right now_. We’ve invited the folks behind some amazing journalism projects to [introduce themselves in advance]( * The Accountability Project (#proj-accountability-project in the Slack) * Big Local News (#proj-biglocal in the Slack) * Datasette (#proj-datasette in the Slack) * Election SOS (#proj-election in the Slack) * Memberkit (#proj-memberkit in the Slack) * Product Kit from News Catalyst (#proj-product-kit in the Slack) * The Quilt: Policy, Art, and Healing (#proj-the-quilt in the Slack) * Systems Thinking for Journalists from Journalism + Design (#proj-systems-thinking-toolkit in the Slack) This track is async-friendly, designed to help you learn more about these projects then connect with them for 1-1 questions or group conversations. * [Check out the Projects, Products, & Research page for intro videos and demos]( * Each project has a channel in the SRCCON Slack. Find them there! They're excited to share more! * SRCCON is all about making space for emergent conversations. Many of those will happen in Slack, or jump from there onto different platforms. If a project schedules an "office hours" style meetup during this time on the schedule, we'll also highlight it here.         75 minutes       thu-4pm   2020-07-16T16:00:00 2020-07-16T17:15:00 America/New_York srccon-2020/thu-project-products-research
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