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fri-dont-wait-permission Friday 4:15-5:30pm ET We don't wait for permission: How to plan when our institutions won’t Back in March, a bunch of us saw that our newsrooms and institutions were failing to prepare to protect journalists as the pandemic spread. So we got together and made a guide to help people push their newsrooms to create policies that protected their staff. Four months later, coronavirus is spreading even faster, disinformation is convincing a large minority that it is all a big hoax, and layoffs have thrown many people—including many from our own newsrooms—deeper into precarity. It feels like there is no reprieve in sight. But we aren’t powerless either: with projects like the Newsroom Guide to COVID-19, the COVID Tracking Project, and neighborhood mutual aid projects, we are building ways to support each other with information and physical resources. None of this is enough but with 8 to 14 months to go in the most optimistic estimates, we gotta do something. So let’s take some time to imagine and plan for what’s next. Cordelia Yu, Tina Ye, Ted Han       75 minutes       fri-415pm   2020-07-17T16:15:00 2020-07-17T17:30:00 America/New_York srccon-2020/fri-dont-wait-permission
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